How to become a horse owner

For those who yearn to become a racehorse owner the following books come in handy to help you have your dreams come true. Before taking such a leap, there is a lot you can learn from these books, whether it is buying at the auctions or even claiming a horse before the start of the race. It is worth noting that horse racing is expensive and sometimes risky, but with these books, you will learn much on how to handle such issues. Let us have a brief analysis of the books you should choose to be successful.

New Thoroughbred Owners Handbook

Edited by Laura Proctor, this book has such a good, but short introduction, to horse racing for thoroughbred owners as well as the Breeders Association. The book sheds light on how to become an owner, how to find and actually get the horse you should buy, as well as all the help you will need to meet this goal. In addition to that, this book gives an insight on the steps to follow to get your horse right to the racetrack and down into the winner’s circle. The guideline closes with the cost you should expect for the whole activity.

Diary Of A Dream

Written by George Rowand, the book gives a brief history about how he, Rowand, plunged into ownership. He tells of the ups and downs he went through to become a horse owner. He advised that you should expect both triumphs and disappointments in this wonderful, and sometimes risky, betting game. While reading through the pages of his narration, follow the emotions through this informative guide. This is a great guide to owning a horse.

Blood Horse Authoritative Guide To Auctions

The staff and correspondents of the famous Blood Horse came up with this book and it is recommended for anyone who needs to plunge into ownership. It is also perfect for those who yearn to learn much about the auction process, which appears mysterious to many.

Investing In Thoroughbreds

This guide advises you how to invest in the horse racing game and is written by Arnold Kirkpatrick, a thoroughbred advisor. Much is discussed about the types of ownership, costs and how to start this business. You may choose to start by buying at the sales, or by claiming ranks, or even by using your broodmare. Other books available on the shelves include: Lightning In A Jar, Make Money With Horses, Complete Guide To Claiming Thoroughbreds and many more. You can become a horse owner – just try these books!

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