A mini guide of the most common multiple horse bets

In order to find out how you can place wagers on multiple horses at the tracking race, first you will need to learn the basics of placing a single bet. This task is quite simple; as all you need to do is find out the entry number of the horse you are interested in betting on, then choose the type of wager and the amount of cash you want to place on it. If you are new to horse racing, then it is important to note that most tracks have a beginner window where you can place the minimum wager allowed by that track. The teller, which is the person responsible for registering your bet, will hand you a ticket with all the aforementioned details and you are done.

If you want to make the bet more interesting, then you can choose to place an exacta or trifecta bet. Whilst the exacta refers to picking out two horses and specifying which one will come in first and which one will come in second, the trifecta is basically the same thing with the difference being that you can pick three horses. If you do not want to take that much of a risk, then you can opt for an exacta or trifecta box. These are wagers that enable you to guess the horses that will come in the first two or three positions without specifying the exact order. Another type of option you have available with multiple horse wagers is the key bet. With this you pick the key horse that will win the race and select more horses that will come in second or third.

A further type of bet that is commonly used at the tracks is the pick wager. The pick wagers require that you select the winners of a certain number of consecutive races. Even though you can select different horses for each of the consecutive races, picking one horse that will win them has the advantage of a higher payoff. Whilst these are the most common wagers, you will find at horse races, it is important to note that tracks often allow combinations of bets.

Whether you will win or lose the wager will depend on the horses you choose. One point to consider is the paddock inspection. Although some may see it as useless today, the truth is that it can help you select your winner. If you are truly passionate about horse racing, you can even consider entering your own horse in the races. However, if you are interested in buying a horse, you should calculate his dosage first, meaning the value indicating its speed and energy.

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