Horse racing tracks in the city and how to predict a winning horse

Whether a person is poor or rich, a day out at the horse racing tracks is a really enjoyable and unforgettable experience. However, a lot of people are not aware that they have racing tracks near their localities. In every North American city there are horses racing tracks nearby, although they have a mixture of negative and positive public opinion. A negative opinion is sometimes good for the sport as most people get to understand the game even better. Nowadays, horse racing sport organizers have really improved in the way they both treat the riders and the racing horses.

Actually, horse racing sports provide a lot of benefits to the community surrounding the racing tracks. A lot of good things can come out of these places. For instance, concession jobs, tax revenue and so forth. Below are some well known thoroughbred race tracks in North America.

  • Saratoga Racecourse in Saratoga Springs, New York
  • Anthony Downs in Anthony, Kansas
  • Arapahoe Park in Aurora
  • Arlington Park in Chicago
  • Atlantic City Racecourse in Atlantic city
  • Bay Meadows Racecourse in San Mateo
  • California Fair Meets in North California
  • Charles Town Races in Charles Town
  • The Woodlands Racecourse in Kansas City
  • SunRay Park and Casino in Farmington
  • Penn National Racecourse in Grantville
  • Pimlico in Baltimore
  • Sam Houston Race Park in Houston
  • Sacramento Racecourse in Sacramento
  • Los Alamitos Racecourse in Cypress

Predicting the winning horse

There are several ways of predicting the winning horse at the racing tracks. Some people rely on their hunches or generally read the local horse racing publications to help them predict the winning horse, but professionally, this is the wrong way of doing things. Interestingly, a lot of people make a lot of money after undertaking the necessary horse racing research. If the correct research is done, you will find that winning a race is largely a matter of picking the right North American horseracing track, among other things.

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  1. May 17, 2014

    Daniel Segura

    Are there any books or web-sites you would recommend for learning the correct research that needs to be done for predicting a winning horse? I am learning about horse racing and trying to impress my two 11 year old sons… would be helpful if there old man knew what he was talking about. I have recently fallen in love with the sport so any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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