Understanding the different types of horse racing events

Although it is an equestrian sport, horse racing has attracted quite a following over the centuries. Actually, it is one of the most attended and enjoyed sporting events in the world. Despite its popularity with the masses, not many people are aware of the existence of several different types and classes of horse racing events. Analyzed below are some different forms of racing events practiced the world over.

The renowned Kentucky Derby race

This type of a horse race is very popular and offers horse racing enthusiasts a lot of excitement whilst it lasts. It is triple the adrenaline and fun! The renowned Kentucky Derby, the Belmont and the Preakness Stakes form the famous Triple Crown championship. Up to now, only 11 horses have so far completed and won this prestigious race.

Stake races

Stake races are a preserve of the finest horses. However, irrespective of them being the best, each horse is required to be registered. Graded stake races are definitely more appealing. These races have the highest purses in all horse racing events.

Handicap races

Before a horse could be permitted to take part in a particular type of a race, it must meet a certain criteria. For instance, a race might require that the best horses meet some specific weight requirements, so as to be allowed to compete.

Allowance races

Allowance races often require that a horse should be a non-winner of three races other than a starter, a maiden or a claiming race. The horses that are entered in allowance races are usually selected in preparation for some better races in the future, for instance, the stake or handicap races.

Claiming races

Claiming races are quite popular with a lot of people preferring them. Claiming races are often referred to as optional races. Why? Before the start of the race, the horse owner is often requested to outline the amount of money their competing horse could be purchased for after the race.

Maiden races

This kind of a race is recommended to horses with no proven record of winning. A horse owner who does not wish to sell his or her horse, or who just wants to check out how it could race, or to make the horse acquainted with competitive races, will choose the maiden races to start.

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