Horse racing tips

It is now quite easy for beginners to start betting on horse racing and actually be successful in choosing winners of the race. It is prudent for a beginner to understand the fact that this game is a gambling one and wagers are involved. Each bet is a pledge of some amount for a horse to win and, depending on the outcome, this pledge will be honored. You can find all manner of bets and wagers at almost all tracks.

Types of wagers

The win opens the list of the types of bets available. Here, you collect on your bet if the horse you bet on is the first horse to finish the race. The minimum wager at most tracks is $2. Another type of bet is a place, where a horse will collect if it finishes first or second in the race and the minimum wager is $2. Show, is the third type of bet and in this wager your selected horse must be amongst the top three to finish. Again, the minimum wager is $2 at the track.

Exacta is yet another type of wager. This involves choosing two horses in the race and they must finish first and second, exactly in the order you picked, for you to collect your winnings. The minimum wager for this type is also $2. The exacta box type involves two horses again and they can finish in any order to collect, and the minimum wager is $2. Other types of wagers are available and they involve three or four horses in the race. These must finish in either exact or any order to collect. In most cases, these later types have $1 as the minimum wager.

Classes of horse races

For those who are new to horse racing, the Kentucky and the Breeders’ Cup races are probably quite familiar. This is true because the races have raised their profiles over the years from a lower level where they have climbed the ladder to be the pinnacle of horse racing in North America. The following are a few races that have some notoriety. Maiden races are perhaps at the bottom of the ladder. A maiden horse is one that has yet to win a race and the act of winning its first race is known as ‘breaking the maiden’. This is true in any type of horse race and has different levels of classes too. A good example is maiden special weight race which is ranked at the top.

Claiming race is another class where each horse bears a price tag and it can be bought out of such a race for that very price. The request to buy a horse is placed before the race and the owner to-be must buy the horse even if injured after the race. Allowances and stake races are other interesting classes.

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